Gold Au $1641.90 $-8.20
Silver Ag $18.73 $-0.26
Platinum Pt $857.10 $-12.48
Palladium Pd $2069.00 $-30.69

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you bring your items in, we will evaluate everything. Your items will be separated by Karat and weighed on a legal trade scale. The items never leave your sight, and nothing is done without your permission. When the quote is accepted, we will copy your license and record the items that you are selling. All documentation is then sent to the Scranton Police Dept. This is to discourage people who may have stolen items. Unfortunately this is required in the business.

Can you give me a pricing before looking at my items?

Unfortunately not. There are so many different variables that affect the price of jewelry that we do not want to make a blind offer.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of jewelry I can bring in?

Nothing is too small or large! Any quantity will bring you CASH!!

Why should I sell my gold today?

Gold is at an all time high, and there has never been a better time to sell! The gold cycle goes up and down, and you can catch it while its at the peak!

How do I know I will be getting the highest cash price for my items?

We have spent years to create and maintain relationships with top buyers of diamonds, jewelry, and watches. We pay the most because we keep very small percentages for ourselves while giving YOU the highest cash price! We are HONEST buyers of all jewelry! Our great customer comebacks and referrals prove it!

Will you appraise my jewelry for free?

We will take a look at your jewelry and give you a cash offer for FREE! So you have nothing to lose, and Cash to gain!

For all other questions or further information give us a call: