Gold Au $1646.90 $-3.12
Silver Ag $18.77 $-0.22
Platinum Pt $863.10 $-6.58
Palladium Pd $2109.50 $8.86

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Item 0 oz. - 5 oz. 5oz. - 50oz. over 50 oz.
10 KT
$25.00 $
14 KT
$36.00 $
18 KT
$41.00 $
22 KT
24 KT
Sterling flat.

We will beat anybody's price!!!

DON'T SELL YOUR GOLD UNTIL YOU SEE US! There are many scams out there! There are other buyers that offer super high prices that a honest dealer like us could never pay, Guess why? They use bait & switch, You bring your gold in, and they tell you it's only 10k gold when it's really 14k or 18k, or their scale off in their favor, You just lost money, and that's how they make up for offering high prices. Ask yourself how could a business pay much higher than the normal price and still be in business with high bills like rent, electric, and heat, and still make money to survive? Don't be fooled by the scams. We test & put everything on the city & state certified scale right in front of you!

Coins and Rare Coins 

Turn Your Old Coins Into CASH!

The easiest way to get the most money for your coins!A1 Scranton Gold & Silver Buyers makes it simple, safe and quick!

We Want to Buy Your Diamonds

!We Pay Cash!

Any Size & Shape
Round, Princess, Marquise, Oval, Heart, etc.

All Certified & Uncertified Diamonds. 

We are interested in buying higher end watches from the following manufactures Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Movado, Audemars Piguet, Piaget, Tag-Heuer and more.

When you are quoted a price, it is based on today's current market conditions of the watch you want to sell. Our reputation is your guarantee!

What Else We Buy

  • Lionel Trains
  • Antique and Vintage Toys
  • New and Used Name Brand Tools - hand tools, power tools, compressors, air tools, Leatherman
  • Arcade, Pinball, and Slot Machines
  • Homewares - microwaves, fans, air conditioners, heaters (in excellent condition)
  • Sporting Goods - bikes, camping equipment, binoculars, health monitors
  • Photographic - digital cameras (16mp & higher), 35mm cameras, flashes, and accessories, some vintage items
  • Computers - laptops & tablets
  • Flat Screen TVs (under 2 years old)
  • Game Systems - Nintendo, PlayStation, Atari, consoles and games both vintage and modern
  • Audio Equipment - amps, radios, turntables, tuners, speakers, digital recorders, portable Bluetooth speakers, headphones, vintage stereo equipment, high end stereo equipment
  • Outdoor Equipment - lawnmowers, trimmers, snow throwers, chainsaws (equipment must be in good working condition)
  • Musical Instruments - amps, guitars, drums, keyboards, instruments, mixers
  • Collectibles - considered by the piece and condition
  • Writing Instruments - Montblanc, Cartier, Namiki, Waterman
  • Designer Handbags - Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dooney & Burke, Michael Kors, ect.
  • Vintage vinyl records 50's thru 70's
  • Almost anything new in package